Simultaneous Interpreting Services

By Star Translators

Simultaneous interpreting services

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Here is a description of simultaneous interpreting:

  1. A speaker begins to speak as usual in English or in Spanish. This is called “the source language.”
  2. As soon as the speaker starts speaking in the source language, the interpreter will also start interpreting in the other language, that is, speaking in the “target language” at the same time. In other words, simultaneously.

This type of interpreting is typical of events where there is only one speaker presenting a message in front of an audience and where there are very little exchanges. We typically interpret simultaneously in English and Spanish in conferences, presentations, information sessions, etc.

You can schedule a Star Spanish – English interpreter for your event right now. If you have any questions of prefer to make the request by phone, please call 917-246-2781. We are available and waiting for your call right now.

I really wanted to write a long review about this simultaneous Spanish interpreters service, but to be brief, the service is great and I am happy I booked it.

- Manhattan business owner -